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Climbing plants climb in three main ways: self-clinging climbers use adhesive suckers to attach directly to a surface, like this Ficus pumila (Creeping fig); while other climbers use tendrils (think grapevines) or are twining (like passionfruit) and generally need structures for support.

Kodachrome by B. Anthony Stewart. From “Wonderland in Longwood Gardens,” National Geographic, July, 1951. “In April the Rhododendron Bears a Treeful of Blazing Color Ficus pumila, one of the figs, covers the pillar. Hybrid azaleas crown pots on the...

Creeper (Ficus pumila) on wall

Ficus pumila or Tckey Creeper can attach itself to any porous surface and is an aggressive and beautiful vine. It climbs vertical surfaces and is also well-suited for use as a ground cover, in topiaries or hanging baskets. Evergreen useful as a cover for unattractive walls.

Creeping Fig - City Heights community council is planning to plant this on walls/bridges/underpasses to cover up graffiti. No pretty flower, but is green and low-maintenance.