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I got tired of 30 day writing challenges that were just lists of stuff about you. So I created a 30 day writing challenge that is 30 flash fiction writing prompts.

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100 Days of Flash Fiction Prompts

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Fiction Prompts.  I found this on Pintrest.  Go ahead, writers.  Have at them.

Write about a character who survived the apocalypse and has now taken the role of leader for a small group of survivors. The catch? This character is the oldest person amongst their small group. Double catch? They're only 17 years old.

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101 Writing Prompts and Ideas: Fiction & Non-Fiction.

101 writing prompts and ideas if you're stuck with your #NaNoWriMo novel or writing project! #writingprompt #writingtips

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15 Secrets To Writing A Successful Novel As Told By Children's Book Authors

A collection of advice from authors and I loved every piece of them. That's rare for me to agree or like all the bullet points of advice from a list, but I did. I really did. Especially the one pictured.

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