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Fibonacci Spiral In Nature

from LA Live

Modrest Golden Ratio Photo On Canvas

Jaya Moksha inspiration - check out my designs at - inspired by spiritual symbolism, tribal handicrafts, and nature's beauty! <3 Ammonite

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The designer's guide to the Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio: a designer's guide. The Golden Ratio is a beautifully simple piece of mathematical theory that can help make your designs feel well proportioned and pleasing on the eye. We explain how to use it.


Begonia Escargot leafs present both the spiral and the branching fractal of the…

from Markosun's Blog

Mandelbrot Fractals: Hunting the Hidden Dimension

Mandelbrot Fractals: Hunting the Hidden Dimension | Markosun's Blog More


An example of a Fibonacci sequence making spiral patterns in nature. This is also a fractal because each floret is an identical but smaller version of the whole thing & this makes the spirals easy to see.