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Fibonacci Code

The ancients believed that the experience of Sacred Geometry was essential to the education of the soul. They knew that these patterns and codes were symbolic of our own inner realm and the subtle structure of awareness. To them the “sacred” had particular significance involving consciousness and the profound mystery of awareness… the ultimate sacred wonder. Sacred Geometry takes on another whole level of significance when grounded in the experience of self-awareness. / Sacred Geometry <3


The elegance of Fibonacci geometry that I loved and used for the cover of my book Collective Manifestation

from Cultura Colectiva

Los mejores diseños de tatuajes geométricos

lineas tatuajes


matthen: 8 Earth years are roughly equal to 13 Venus years, meaning the two planets approximately trace out this pattern with 5-fold symmetry as they orbit the Sun. [more] [code]


°‎64 is the fewest number of tetrahedrons you need to form 2 octaves of perfectly balanced geometry... what Buckminster Fuller called the Vector equilibrium. 64 codons in human DNA • 64 hexagrams in the I-Ching • 64 cells is how many we have before our cells star to bifurcate shortly after birth • 64 things are needed to be able to approach the Ark of the Covenant according to the copper scrolls among the Dead Sea Scrolls • 64 is fundamental in computer memory & coding / Sacred Geometry


Electron Microscope Image of DNA -=- Life-Giving Codes to Every Living Thing in Our Universe !!


Hats-off to the worker for creating such an art-effect on land of crops!

from Better Homes and Gardens

Front-Yard Sidewalk-Garden Ideas

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