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The elegance of Fibonacci geometry that I loved and used for the cover of my book Collective Manifestation

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°‎64 is the fewest number of tetrahedrons you need to form 2 octaves of perfectly balanced geometry... what Buckminster Fuller called the Vector equilibrium. 64 codons in human DNA • 64 hexagrams in the I-Ching • 64 cells is how many we have before our cells star to bifurcate shortly after birth • 64 things are needed to be able to approach the Ark of the Covenant according to the copper scrolls among the Dead Sea Scrolls • 64 is fundamental in computer memory & coding / Sacred Geometry

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Satellite eye on Earth: April 2012 - in pictures

The Kamchatka peninsula of Russia is blanketed in snow, and significant amounts of sea ice can also form and collect along the Pacific coastline. As ice floes grind against each other, they produce smaller floes that can be moved by wind and currents. The irregular south-eastern coastline of Kamchatka provokes large, circular eddy currents to spin off from the main south-westward-flowing Kamchatka current. Three such eddies are highlighted by surface ice floe patterns at image center. The…

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Electron Microscope Image of DNA -=- Life-Giving Codes to Every Living Thing in Our Universe !!

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Scientists find they can control how people react to group pressure

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