a) the shirt ain't even that bad b) can we just appreciate this picture for a minute like luke what are you doin

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These pictures make me want to scream and cry and smile and hyperventilate and jump off the

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Sleepy Ashton :) if u don't repin I'm judging u>> he looks like an angel when he sleeps. i swear this boy will be the death of me

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Ashton Irwin 5 Seconds of Summer looking all cute and stuff and I'm just over here like: 'um, I, uh... You're so... Oh God, I just... STOP BEING PRETTY!!!!

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Fetus Ashton Irwin. Oh my god he's so cute :) I have seen this pic so many times and each time it kills me

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honestly this is so accurate>> I showed my mum while uncontrollably laughing and she was like "that's not something to be proud, you know" I'm so dead >>

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The fact that he seems like struggling to smile makes me want to sob... << NO STOP<<< but he smiles more than ever now<<< MY HEART IS BROKEN. HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY, ORIGINAL COMMENTER

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Ashton Irwin in a school uniform, someone tell him to stop stabbing me in the freaking heart.... < ohmygosh same feeling<<< looks like a hogworts uniform...<<<< are you serious -_-

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Luke Hemmings // Ashton Irwin // FETUS // cute // 5SOS // 5 Seconds of Summer // bands // music // fiveSOS // five seconds of summer

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