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Well look at that...a cage made out of a inexpensive metal shelving unit and hardware cloth!

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ferret cage like this at amazon free delivery and cheaper then the pet stores in the city $148

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ferret cages | ...

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Site for great homemade ferret or other small animal habitats. Rat, gerbil, hamster, chinchilla diy cage, home, enclosure.

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Take bookcase & cut holes in between interior sides and you have a cat condo. This could also double as a room divider.

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bohemian solace: rat home Thanks to pintrest inspiration I finally made my own rat cabinet :)

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How to Make Your Ferret's Cage Smell Less

Great tips. Want to add: Borax as directed to the wash. Swab the ears every week. As the Hub article says: Ferrets will smell like Ferrets. Not stink mind you.

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