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Fernando Duarte

from the Guardian

Thiago Silva gets used to great expectations with PSG and Brazil

Thiago Silva gets used to great expectations with PSG and Brazil | Fernando Duarte -- @RogerioGlobol Globol10 !!

Portugal [PRT] - Dynasty of Aviz 1949 - Filipa de Lencastre, (Português: Filipa de Lencastre, 31 de março de 1360 - 19 de julho de 1415) foi uma rainha consorte de Portugal. Nascido na família real da Inglaterra, seu casamento com 1387 D. João I de Portugal garantiu a Aliança Anglo-Português (1373-1386) e produziu várias crianças que se tornaram conhecidos como a "Ilustre Generation" em Portugal.


Nando’s USA - the African Bird’s Eye Chilli or PERi-PERi, a spice like no other, they used it to create a unique sauce that put fire in their bellies and ignited passion in their souls. A few hundred years later (in 1987 to be exact), it was the same PERi-PERi sauce that inspired Fernando Duarte to invite his friend Robbie Brozin to a humble Portuguese eatery in the heart of Rosettenville, South Africa to try some mouth-watering PERi-PERi marinated and basted chicken...

from BBC Sport

Uruguay v Costa Rica - watch again (UK only)

My word; would you believe it? Costa Rica win another free-kick following a foul by Walter Gargano and again it is sent to Oscar Duarte at the far post. This time he gobbles up the opportunity, diving in to steer a header beyond Fernando Muslera. 1-2