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This is a wonderful fermented tea.  It contains all of the anti-inflammatory power of ginger and turmeric and it is loaded with beneficial bacteria. Benefits of Fermented Tea with Ginger and Turmeric Rebuilds the healthy bacteria in your gut.  Intestinal bacteria gets destroyed by antibiotic ...


Mind body healing consists of healing practices that use the power of the mind to heal the body.  Some of the aspects of mind body healing involve bringing the body and mind into a deep state of relaxation, reducing stress, utilizing deep breathing, movement, stretching, visualization, ...


How to grow your own kombucha SCOBY in 10 steps

Do you drink kombucha? It's a healthy fermented tea jam-packed with gut-loving probiotics and enzymes. A bottle from the grocery store runs about $3.50... but it's so easy to brew your own kombucha at home! All you need is a SCOBY, and you can grow that at home to!


Newcoming Yucheng Mengding Mountain Tea 300g Si'chuan Ya'an Tibetan Fermented Tea Benefit Health Cake Black Tea Food

$15.99 (Buy here: ) 400g Post-fermented Tea "Black Brick Tea" , Hunan Dark Tea with Jinhua for just $15.99


Fermented Tea Fermented Tea with Ginger and Turmeric #fermentedtea #fermentedfoods #turmeric:

$20.99 (Buy here: ) 400g Post-fermented Tea "Black Brick Tea" , Hunan Anhua Dark Tea with Jinhua, black tea,free shipping for just $20.99