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New Facts You Don’t Know about the Legend of the Phoenix

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Beautiful Phoenix How I live my life.. Always rising from the ashes stronger and brighter than before

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The phoenix; the firebird. It's a popular mythic creature for fantasy - beautiful, unnatural and filled with symbolism. But where did the myth come from?

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The phoenix rises! Northern Lights take on form of legendary bird

The incredible photograph, taken of the northern lights in Iceland, took the remarkable form of the mythological phoenix bird

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" Rise From The Ashes..Be A Phoenix" - One of my self created quote, which has always motivated me and has strengthened me to never give up. I have always believed that a true character of an individual is reflected when he or she has the courage to rise after the fall. There would be situations where I might fall back, but be rest assured just like phoenix I would rise again from the ashes to achieve the goal with higher zeal and passion. #MKM915 #PersonalBrand #Phoenix #NeverGiveUp

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