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Female Viking Names

Ranvaik’s Casket. Somewhat unusually, it contains a runic inscription on its base. This was added in the 10th century AD and reads ‘Ranvaick a kistu thasa‘ or in English, ‘Ranvaik (a female name) owns this casket’. This may indicate that on its arrival in Scandinavia, the shrine was reused by a Viking noble woman called Ranvaik, possibly as a casket for her personal items.

Baby Girl Name: Ingrid. Meaning: Beautiful. Origin: Viking; Norse; Swedish.


Dating from around 800AD, archaeologists believe the figurine now names the Revninge - woman, may depict the goddess Freya by the hand posture holding the stomach. Other interpretations include the Norns, Diser , vølver or possibly the Valkyries.

The other half would go to the goddess Freya’s afterlife field Folkvangr. Freya always had the first pick, of the fallen Vikings. Odin allowed some of the maidens to take the form of beautiful white swans, but if a Valkyrie was seen by a human without her swanlike disguise, she would become an ordinary mortal and could never again return to Valhalla. -