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Female Golden Retriever

from BarkPost

13 Pups Proving April Showers Do Bring Flowers


[NOTE: I know you wish to protect people, but what you are seeing, is a female naked; without a boyfriend, nor a job to support her. In this sense, is she said to have "worked harder" to gain entrance into the industry, then say a female who is working within it; and claimed to be degraded by her label.] *regardless of skin color, or hair color, and whatever color of physical feature.

Goldenberry - Loves to walk through the woods. Likes peace. Agrees with Applepaw that hurting cats is wrong. Female~nice~peaceful

"Say Hi!" ---- [NiNi - a 3 year old female Golden Retriever.]~[Photograph by Josephine loves Dog (Josephine) - May 9.2007]h4d-496.2013