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Actually, this happened with my halfling. And with two nat 20's the giant 15 ft tall fly was slaughtered by a 3ft tall halfling.


For my facial postiche character I am looking into folklore. Having struggled with finding a character to create, I found images from Germanic folklore of Dwarven females. Surprisingly, a lot of images of the female Dwarves included some facial hair. In some images, this facial hair was thin and sparse, and in others it was fairly thick.


Nara é uma halfing ritualista, eximia arqueira e cabeça quente. 8o. nível. Ela é uma Deviniana e muito curiosa. Ansiosa mas meticulosa.


Lady Gnomes. The adult female gnome weighs 250 - 275 grams... Female Gnomes tend to wear camouflage colors (gray or Khaki)..until she is married she wears a green cap, with her braids sticking out. After marriage, her hair disappears under a scarf and darker cap..when 350 years or older she begins to show a light beard....she usually only stays at home and doesn’t wander about.