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Felix Dzerzhinsky of the Soviet Cheka (Secret Police)

Director of the Cheka Felix Dzerzhinsky 1919.jpg


Felix Dzerzhinsky - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Picture of Dzerzhinsky in a parade in Moscow Red Square in 1936


"'Iron Fellix' Dezerzhinsky, the dread founding maestro of Soviet terror, was besieged by requests from Kremlin staffers for towels for the Kremlyovka kitchens. Also aprons and jackets for cooks. Mrs. Trotsky kept asking for tea strainers. In vain."

Felix Dzerzhinsky-Dzerzhinsky, on the advice of Stalin, instigated the Red Terror. The Bolshevik newspaper, Krasnaya Gazeta, reported on 1st September, 1918: "We will turn our hearts into steel, which we will temper in the fire of suffering and the blood of fighters for freedom. We will make our hearts cruel, hard, and immovable, so that no mercy will enter them, and so that they will not quiver at the sight of a sea of enemy blood. We will let loose the floodgates of that sea.


Felix Dzerzhinsky among officers of the Cheka on board the steamboat ‘Nestor-Chronicler’ in the port of Odessa, June 1921.


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The funeral of Felix Dzerzhinsky in Moscow, July 1926. Joseph Stalin is amongst the pallbearers.