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Feline Distemper in Cats - Infection, Symptoms and Treatment

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Asian tigers at risk from domestic dog distemper virus

Let's hope we don't lose these in the wild. Awesome animal.

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What Is Distemper in Cats

Your cat probably received the vaccine, but do you know what Feline Distemper is? #cats

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How to Take Care of a Cat

Visit the vet more frequently for kittens.>>> Just like human babies, kittens need to see the vet more often than adult cats. Starting at around 8 weeks of age, they'll need 2-3 visits to have their vaccination series and worm treatments. At minimum, this includes the feline distemper vaccine and a rabies vaccine. Your vet will discuss the benefits of optional vaccinations as well. Ask about the risks of diseases like feline leukemia and make an informed decision about which vaccinations you…

Thou Can Survive Feline Distemper


Nine lives cat didn’t give in to feline panleukopenia | Best Friends Animal Society

1 oz. Kitty Distempaid helps heal feline distemper kittens. Buy Kitty Distempaid for your kitten or cat now!


Natural & effective feline distemper treatment helps distemper kittens heal


Samantha Bell helped Danny survive feline panleukopenia virus

tabby cat - Feline Distemper: Your Cat’s Worst Nightmare