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A Letter to You When You’re Feeling Insecure

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This makes me think of my mom. When i have done something and i tried my hardest, she says i cant try my hardest because i have to be perfect. This drives me crazy. I dont like being perfect. I get straight A's and one B? She says im awful. I just feel so pressured to be perfect that i just break because i know im a dissapointment.

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Sometimes we feel insecure, but these tips will help you feel positive and confident. Learn 10 tips for increasing happiness and positivity everyday.

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Somebody's everything by Saving Annabel Lee. "Don't cry darling hold me close. Dry your eyes and take my hand. Let's pretend we are off to neverland. You feel like nothing but I see a smile. So until you feel better ill be here for a while. So kiss my cheek and hold my heart. It's never too late for a brand new start. Your somebody's everything sweetheart. And this is that very start." (INO)

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Overthinking has always played a big part of in my life, if was a big part of who I was. It was a habit that I don’t exactly remember when I’d picked up or maybe it’d just been the way that I was. …

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Every day I hate myself. Looking in the mirror is painful. Occasionally I have thought "I look okay today" but then I go out and see so many beautiful skinny girls and guys that I know will never be interested in me. Then I start to feel fat and ugly again

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God, I wish I could get these feelings to go away, they creep in at the most unexpected times. I hate feeling insecure.

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