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today i feel: abandoned, ugly, hurt, like i don't matter, useless, invisible, like i don't belong, not worthly of love, hopeless, unappreciated, numb. never mind i feel like this every day


To feel abandoned is to deny the intimacy of your surroundings. Picture Quotes.


i like to be left alone but when people don't notice i'm absent it hurts and i know its my own fault for becoming invisible for isolating myself but just once i want someone to notice to truly notice and care.

from Alzheimer Reading Room

Do Persons Living with Dementia Feel Abandoned?

We help Alzheimers and dementia caregivers live a better life. The Alzheimers Reading Room operates for the benefit of society.

I relate to all of these so deeply. Especially feeling like I'll never be able to function like other people my age, and feeling like I'm lazy even though it's depression/anxiety.


Why am I so easy to reject and abandon? I've wondered this my whole life,I always feel I'm not worth the fight. So I have to be good to myself and make myself feel good. I know that God cares. If I didn't know that I probably would go insane. Some days are harder than others to keep focused that God is always there. Some days I just feel very alone in the world.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Life of Pi/Literature (quiz and discussion Qs) 2nd unit

So very sad! only a child of the devil could do such a thing to our Creators created LIFE ... you will be judged and if convicted in the end I believe you will experience all the things you have done to another's life and anything you have done on the evil side of life you will feel forever....a eternal torment...repent now and turn the other way while you still have a chance in this age of GRACE.