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The final days of Alcatraz revealed in new photographs released for 50th anniversary of prison closing its doors for good

New discovered photos show the last prisoners depart from Alcatraz Island federal prison in San Francisco. The National Park Service on Thursday celebrated the 50th anniversary of Alcatraz Islands closure with an exhibit of the photos

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How about this pin Pinterest? Good pick!! Treason! How many times does it need to be said?

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VIDEO: MAN GETS 8 MONTHS IN FEDERAL PRISON FOR DRIVING AWAY FROM INTERNAL CHECKPOINT Border Agents found "anti-government propaganda" in his car

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Top prosecutor in Leonard Peltier case urges clemency in 'extraordinary' move

Leonard Peltier, pictured at Leavenworth federal prison in 1992, is serving two consecutive life sentences for the murders of two FBI agents in 1975.

the federal reserve system stealing from you since 1913 learn the truth because there's a war on for your mind!

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Marijuana Prohibition & The Failed War On Drugs Fueled By The Clinton Admin's "Tough On Crime" & Prisons For Profit Sent Millions Of Non-Violent Drug Offenders To Prison. The 1% Got Richer Throwing Poor, Mostly Minority Citizens In Prison. Mass Incarceration Has Been A Travesty & Continues Today. Clemency For Those Still Rotting Away In Prison & A Federal Mandate Halting This Practice Is Needed Now. #LegalizeIt. #MedicineIsLegal.

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Capone was convicted on federal charges of tax evasion in 1931 and sentenced to federal prison; he was released on parole in 1939. His incarceration included a term at the then-new Alcatraz federal prison. This is his cell and belongings.