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Federal Prison

John Gotti (shortly before his death).

What is a Communications Management Unit (CMU)? In 2006 and 2008, the Federal Bureau of Prisons created the Communications Management Units (CMUs), prison units designed to isolate and segregate certain prisoners in the federal prison system. Unlike other prisoners, individuals detained in the CMUs are completely banned from any physical contact with visitors, restricted in interactions with other prisoners, and limited in phone calls with friends and family members.

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Aryan Brotherhood member gets more federal prison time for attack of inmate he believed was gay | Crime Blog

Samuel Kenneth ("Sam") Bowers (August 25, 1924 – November 5, 2006) was a leading white supremacist militant in the American state of Mississippi during the African-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968). Bowers was a mastermind of two notorious murder events of civil rights activists in southern Mississippi: the 1964 triple murder of Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner, and James Chaney near Philadelphia, for which he served six years in federal prison,& the 1966 Murder of Vernon Dahmer…

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The final days of Alcatraz revealed in new photographs released for 50th anniversary of prison closing its doors for good

New discovered photos show the last prisoners depart from Alcatraz Island federal prison in San Francisco. The National Park Service on Thursday celebrated the 50th anniversary of Alcatraz Islands closure with an exhibit of the photos


Frank 'Jelly' Nash got his nickname because he was a safe-blowing expert, and "jelly" was gangland slang for nitroglycerin. He escaped from Leavenworth Federal Prison in 1930, and worked with several desperadoes, including the Barker-Karpis gang. Nash was captured by D.O.I. special agents on June 16, 1933, in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The following day he was killed by unknown men in the Kansas City Massacre, along with three police officers and a special agent.


Robert Stroud, gained infamy for his painstaking study of birds while in federal prison, but he also wrote a four-part book about prison whi...

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President Obama to visit a federal prison

Obama to visit a federal prison next week for a documentary on crime - making him the first sitting president to visit a jail.