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February Revolution

Urban Decay. Currently I have 3-4 UD makeup products- I have the first Naked palette, "Blackmail" matte revolution lipstick, All Nighter Setting Spray and four wee samples of their primer potions which came as part of my naked palette.


The world's first postage stamp was issued by Great Britain in 1840. Featuring a bust of Queen Victoria, it has come to be known as the "Penny Black." It also marked the introduction of "uniform penny postage" in a mail system: the rate to carry a letter to ANY destination within the country was now the same, and not based on distance carried.


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Mary II - The daughter of James II, she married her cousin, William, Prince of Orange, and acted as his consort in the Netherlands. Unlike James II, she and her husband were Protestants and popular in England. They invaded, and seized the throne. Mary reigned alongside her husband from 13 February 1689 until her death in 1694.


The First Maroon War In 1739, the Jamaican Maroons were the first enslaved Africans to win their freedom from European slave masters. During the First Maroon War, they fought and escaped slavery and established free communities in the mountainous interior of the island. For 76 years, there were periodic skirmishes between the British and the […]


Barricades in Petrograd, Russia, during the February Revolution (1917)