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Fear Factor Party

Fear Factor Party-1 jug hawaiian punch (green) 2 ltr sprite, lime sherbet, ping pong ball eyeballs!


This looks really cool if we are going to do a "Fear Factor" type activity.


Fear Factor Party Ideas and Printables. Free Printables for water bottles, invitations, thank you tags, cupcake toppers, cake toppers, centerpiece and decor.


Fear Factor themed birthday party ideas! Fun Fear Factor games, challenges…


ear wax snacks

These ear wax snacks are a super easy and fun Halloween party snack! I've used peanut butter here, but sunflower butter tastes just as good if you've got any allergies to worry about. :D Many commenters have also mentioned subbing in caramel, which sounds perfect too!As a bonus, they're a great busy task for tiny hands, so kids can get involved with Halloween party prepping!

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13 freaky challenges that make the kids squeal

13 freaky challenges that make the kids squeal | BabyCenter Blog

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Ideas for Spooky Sensory Halloween Boxes

Spooky Sensory Halloween Boxes -- I did this with my year 4 (aged 8) class for descriptive recounts, except we called it Feely Meely... Tinned whole tomatoes for "hearts", twiglet/pretzels for bat bones... put the bowls inside black bin bags to contain mess in the classroom. Also used blindfolds, so a buddy had to escort a blindfolded student, then they swapped


Fear Factor Party Favors - Candy bar wrappers, candy favor topper, and edible worms

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Specimen Cups - Halloween Spirits

Specimen Cups. So gross and but so necessary! Dare the bravest of your friends to take a Mango and Lemon "Pee" shot. #Halloween #DIY