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19 Jokes Only Grammar Nerds Will Understand

He is their father whether you like it or not, and that means he is a PARENT so start treating him like one.


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Sole custody is harmful to children

Your right to paternal testing must be fought for. They are not only the men’s rights, they are children’s rights to know who their biological father is so they can have attachment, influence and a relationship with both of their biological parents.

Got it Tiffany? You should be supporting the relationship between Amiee and Justin, not ripping it apart. Don't be upset when we have to take you to court when you break court orders.


The Campaign for Equal Parenting Starts With You.


Seriously Whoever Doesn't Know That Obviously Has No Moral Compass... Or Has To Be A Sandwich Short Of A Picnic Basket... Either Way That's The Sickest Thing Anyone Can Do To A Child To Watch That Child Grieve & Do Nothing About It Is Beyond A Joke...


Nothing wrong whatsoever with a father and son relationship that's more hands-on. If we can hug and comfort them when they're a toddler, we can hug and comfort them when they're thirty!