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Father Knows Best: Shows hierarchy of family during the 1950s another childhood favorite of mine


Father Knows Best cast..Loved this show.:)

This is the perfect card for someone I unfortunately know...but then again the so called "father" is a whore too ;)


17 Men Who ‘Never Thought They’d Cheat’ On Why They Cheated -

Father Knows Best - another perfect family. Just loved the beginning when they all posed on the stairs in order. Everybody loved this one.


Father Knows Best is an American radio and television comedy series which portrayed a middle class family life in the Midwest. It was created by writer Ed James[1] in the 1940s, and ran on radio from 1949 to 1954 and on television from 1954 to 1960.

Father Knows Best--Robert Young, Patricia Wyatt

from BBC News

Baby tale not black and white

In London 2010, a black Nigerian couple gave birth to a blue-eyed blonde, white-skinned baby. Possible explanations: dormant white genes which entered both of her parents' families long ago; a genetic mutation unique to her; or albinism.