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As sons and daughters of Zion we must sing our song. The song of the God of Israel, He alone keeps us marching on. Let the Peace of Jerusalem inhabit us as His people. For Yahweh is our God and we are His people. Sing the song of Zion, let it be heard for all to hear. Jesus the King of Zion is coming, His coming is drawing near.

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Recently I stood in the ruins of Coventry Cathedral, which was bombed on 14th November, 1940. On the remains of the wall behind the altar are written the words, 'Father Forgive' - echoing the words that Jesus prayed as his enemies crucified him. The day after the bombing, the Provost of the Cathedral, an extraordinary man called Dick Howard, made a commitment not to revenge but to seek forgiveness and reconciliation. On Christmas Day that year, Provost Howard preached a sermon that w...

When I think nobody cares about me, I remember who sends that kind of thought, then I straighten my crown

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Those attending church services on Father’s Day are likely to hear some of these well-known Scriptural passages cited from the pulpit or lectern in a Father’s Day sermon or teaching.

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