I love Spanish and Italian tile - 4) Hand painted tiles on stair risers. These stair risers are covered with colorful Catalina style tiles, which combine glossy and matte finishes. This adds wonderful depth to the patterns.

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STRANGE SECRET SWORD HIDDEN IN 'SNAKE' NECKLACE A masterpiece of Spanish weapons skill and craftsmanship mid 19th Century. These legendary blades were sold in the first half of the 17th Century and were being created in secret weapons benches, with the blades being concealed into the ring.

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nice motion shot, something about the energy makes me think it's more powerful - know what I mean? like it's an offensive move?

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Description: Balenciaga at Paris Fashion Week Spring 2006. This collar is similar to the ruff/betsy style used in the Empire Period. It is not as large as the collars used then but still makes a statement.

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3. Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2013: the skirt of this dress is a modern take on the Spanish device called the Verdugale or Spanish Farthingale, with its cone-shaped skirt understructure that increases in size starting from the waist reaching to the floor

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