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Bat Wings | How to define your arms (using the Fascia Blaster)

FAQs: 1. How long do you Fasciablast each area? 3-5 minutes per "zone" at first - you can work up to 10 minutes per zone ( 2. How hard do you rub the blaster? It hurts! From 1-10 your pain level should be NO MORE than a 7. Watch my YouTube video “How hard do I FasciaBlast you ask?” for more info. 3. How often are you supposed to use it? This varies; if you have 1 or more specific trouble areas we suggest you FasciaBlast that same area every 3 or so days…

How to get rid of Inner Thigh Bulge (using the Fascia Blaster) - YouTube

Plantars Fasciitis is not really a diagnosis; it's a symptom. Broken into its parts, “plantar” is the bottom surface of the foot. It's just the anatomical region’s name. “Fascia” is the anatomical region of the #pain, meaning "within the fascia", and “itis” means swollen. So, by the very definition of the words #PlantarFasciitis, you can now understand that the #fascia in the bottom of your foot is swollen. Not only do feet swell, in a lot of cases the fascia is so "angry" that it recoils…


Follow these techniques to carve our definition in your legs


A Step by Step Guide to Alleviating Migraine Pain Learn to “cut it off at the pass” and how to eventually prevent migraines with the knowledge of Fasciology and the help of the FasciaBlaster™

Double Chin Fasciablasting - YouTube


Bra bulge eliminator | Getting rid of back fat with the fascia blaster