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Faroe Islands Whaling

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Image 1 of 4 Petition to End the Faroe Islands' Whale & Dolphin Slaughter. @seashepherd

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Whale watching in Husavik, Iceland

Head to sea to whale-watch in Husavik, Iceland. #Travel #Iceland #Whale

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Husavik, whale watching capital! Iceland


Reynisfjara, Iceland; Reynisdrangar & Basalt Columns. Located at Reynisfjara on the south coast of Iceland are the basalt pillars Reynisdrangar that rise from the sea. Legend has it that these are trolls that turned into stone when day broke.


For more than four centuries, the dwellers of the remote Faroe Islands located 200 miles off the coast of Scotland have been killing pilot whales for blubber and meat.Recently, the gory tradition has piqued the interest of an American photographer with ties to the region who travelled to the archip

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Graphic pictures show annual whale kill in the Faroe Islands

Grisly custom: The participants of the hunt cut the trapped critters' spinal cord, killing them instantly

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5 Stranded Bottlenose Whales Were Just Slaughtered In The Faroe Islands


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ECO NEWS: Faroe Islands Whale Hunting

ECO NEWS: Faroe Islands Whale Hunting- Culture vs. Conservation

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The Faroe Islands Whale Hunt in Perspective

A look at the controversial Faroe Islands pilot whale hunt, a centuries old tradition that some consider an important part of Faroese heritage.