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Farmhouse Vacuum Cleaners

from Better Homes and Gardens

Weekend Projects for the New Nester

Baseboards, which take a beating from passing feet, rambunctious pets, in-transition furniture pieces, and wayward vacuum cleaners, often need touching up long before it's time to repaint walls. Rejuvenate woodwork with a thorough cleaning and fresh coats of paint. If needed, patch dings and prime over dark marks before painting./

from The Bold Abode

Decorating Ideas to Try That Cost Practically Nothing!

I'm living life on the wild side and decorating on the cheap. It's cool. And fun. If you're in the boat with me, you know what I mean. Here are a few ways I've turned ch-ch-ching into ch-ch-CHEAP - decorating, that is.


Can it be made flush with floor so vacuum cleaner can just roll in? Laundry Room - Kitchen Design Pictures | Pictures Of Kitchens | Kitchen Cabinet Ideas | Cabinetry Gallery