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Farmhouse Vacuum Cleaners

IHeart Organizing: UHeart Organizing: 7 Steps to an Amazing Cleaning Closet

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Quit sweeping dust under the rug, start sweeping it into this counter vacuum baseboard vacuum

Rustic Farmhouse Need a cabinet like this, next to the front door.


Wash day The Mangle Mrs Smith's Cottage Museum in Navenby is a preserved example of a simple, early Victorian, Lincolnshire cottage. With walls only a single brick thick and the only modern innovations an inside toilet, cold water tap and electricity, it offers a glimpse into life in a bygone age. The Cottage and Visitors Centre at the museum display artefacts and information relating the life and times of Mrs Smith in a rural village from the Edwardian period to the late 20th century.


This looks like a corner that use to be in my Grandma's home...........the old wringer washer could be a dangerous thing if not careful.......


We don't have an official spot to put our vacuum. I might try doing this..moving the linens into everyone's room, taking the bottom few shelves out to fit the vacuum.

Home renovation & Diy in Monferrato, Italy - Italian farmhouse on the hills near Asti - cleaning the stairs with an industrial vacuum cleaner

Miele Scout RX1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Weekend Projects for the New Nester

Baseboards, which take a beating from passing feet, rambunctious pets, in-transition furniture pieces, and wayward vacuum cleaners, often need touching up long before it's time to repaint walls. Rejuvenate woodwork with a thorough cleaning and fresh coats of paint. If needed, patch dings and prime over dark marks before painting.