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Farmhouse Urinals

from One Kindesign

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rustic modern bathroom vanity | Rustic Wood Bathroom Vanity White Porcelain Sinks Large Mirror Pendant ...


Timber farmhouse sink in kids bath -- I like the look a lot, but I can imagine some problems. Also, with the pictured stepstool and two boys, I foresee the sink having a urinal role from time to time.


I dont understand why this isnt a common solution to the toilet seat issue. Plus, they think theyre manly and special when they have their own bathroom. Throw the bone.

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Men Take Aim at Bringing Urinals Into the Home


Victorian Carved Wood Chamber Pot

Victorian Carved Wood Chamber Pot | From a unique collection of antique and modern cabinets at

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Mission Style Geometric Clear and Warm Tones-- 18" x 32"--Stained Glass Window Panel

Mission mode géométrique claires et chaudes tonalités--18 « x 32 »--panneau de fenêtre vitrail


cute idea that is different from the standard double (or triple) sinks - would be great if each of the mirrors was a medicine cabinet too. seems like it would help to reduce clutter!