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Farmhouse Urinals

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Men Take Aim at Bringing Urinals Into the Home

Men try to fortify the "man cave" as home urinals become an increasingly popular option for the bathroom. Description from I searched for this on

Timber farmhouse sink in kids bath -- I like the look a lot, but I can imagine some problems. Also, with the pictured stepstool and two boys, I foresee the sink having a urinal role from time to time.

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Home renovation rewind: Avoid 6 common pitfalls

We have a large variety of lighting products in all materials from wood, mason jars and more and if you would want us to make for you something, we can do it. Just contact us. Don't forget we have two web stores! Ambient Wood Funishing Vintage Amp Funk

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20 Ways To Organize Your Home with Mason Jars

20 ways to organize your home with mason jars: These are cute, creative ways to make mason jars into fun organizational tools.