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Farmhouse Drawings And Illustrations

This amazing 1945 painting by Vanessa Bell, Charleston Drawing Room, is for sale at Messum’s (but for rather a large sum of money!). The curtain fabric, however, is available at the Charleston shop; and is to be found on the endpapers of Good Things in England.


Egon Schiele. I prefer Shiele's architecture paintings/drawings to his portraiture. The houses communicate such character in the use of colour, composition and quality. This piece, the name of which I have forgotten, appears so lonely, spaced bleakly within the frame. I like the minimalism, he's recorded the minimum and yet the house is perfectly understandable.


Tree art. Windmill Tree with little yellow farm house with windows and door. (From Songs We Sing (A Big Golden Book), illustrated by William Dugan, 1957)