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Farewell Message For Friend

A pinner said: "My colleagues' farewell cake had this heartfelt message for me"


"Nobody told me my mission would be hard." When I heard a speaker say this at a farewell, I wasn't sure it was the message the soon-to-be missionary waiting to speak in the stand should hear. But then I learned the difficult times in our lives can actually be some of our best.

from Mail Online

Terminally ill boy dies weeks after posting inspirational farewell message urging friends to 'live life to the fullest'

Australian Shaun Wilson-Miller, 17, passed away on Saturday. He became an internet sensation after accidentally posting a farewell message intended for friends on YouTube.

Going away party. Write your favorite memory. We did this a few times, it's very fun to hear the memories.


Good for a friend when they move away or for a loved one


40 messages from 40 friends - a memory, a tribute, a birthday wish *You could do this for any # birthday, or adapt it for weddings, farewells.... even funerals (have people write down a memory of the loved one).