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it was a dark and stormy night and they had to deliver a message for a war was about to come and they were being hunted by there enemy


Which is Bruce Springsteen's best album?


Missing the forests so badly... I love running through, finding a beautiful pond and just sitting there listening to the water, feeling the cool breezes, day dreaming...


Ten Fantasy Clichés and Ideas to Change Them

There are plenty fantasy books now, but I’ve noticed some of the same clichés running through most of them. So today, I wanted to discuss a few of these clichés and suggestions for how writers coul... <-- These are good. I've also found out that my current fantasy-story project isn't too cliché!


Viking women played a real role in society, running estates while their husbands were away. Viking women were allowed to divorce their husbands if he mistreated them or their children. She was also allowed to divorce if he was not a good provider, lazy, or if he was rude to her family. In most cultures of the time, only the men could decide if they were to divorce or not. Viking women served as an important member of society. In some cases, women are noted as even having gone into battle.


This one is interesting. An ancient city built by an advanced precursor, but only rediscovered by a more primitive civilization eons later. Perhaps an idea to mix the two?