Use old sheet music and create flowers for décor for centerpieces, bouquets, head table, etc.

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David Bowie: The Chameleon of Music, Fashion, and Art - Infographic

Yesterday I announced the launch of my brand new Acrylic Design Toolkit over at the Design Cuts Marketplace. It contains loads of design resources to help you create awesome artwork using a variety of colourful paint textures, Photoshop Brushes, vectors and a fancy Smart PSD, so in today’s tutorial I’ll take you through the process …

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I think this is one of my favorite poses that she does. It's absolutely flawless<3 Melanie is my queen and my everything. <3

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See, messy can look least if you're in Chloe Sevigny's house.

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I'm really curious to see what type of music is created in this studio. I wonder if it has a genre yet.

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