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How to Build the Ultimate Chicken Coop

How to Build the Ultimate Chicken Coop | “No one wants to look at chicken poop,” Heather points out, “so we planted boxwoods out front to hide the coop floor.” The couple also surrounded the structure with an attractive brick walkway, which they can simply hose off as needed.

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13 Outrageous Chicken Coop Designs

cabin / chicken coop decor! how cute. She has even decorated the chicken coop...a girl after my own heart.... so cute my chicken coop is a mini log cabin,, complete with old screen door.

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Look at this! Lovely. They do other wooden structures too, including tree houses.

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Easy Backyard Chicken Coop Plans

I love the little fenced in area.....but that is the most beautiful chicken coop I have ever seen!!!!

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21 Chicken Coop Designs and Ideas You Need For Your Homestead

Adorable Chicken House! We had chickens growing up, but their house was not nearly this nice. Chickens let loose in a garden is a natural way to keep insects and pests at bay because they eat them and chicken poo is high in nitrogen so it's a great fertilizer for the soil.

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Easy Backyard Chicken Coop Plans

Wow, that chicken coop takes up significantly less space than I had imagined. Hmm...tempting. Wonder how many chickens it fits, and what the city ordinances are around here.

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