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Famous Quotes on Images (Part 6

“A friend to all is a friend to none.” ― Aristotle. Click on this image to see the biggest collection of famous quotes on the net!


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Famous Quotes on Images (Part 2)

Best friends make the good times better and the hard times easier! Quote about friendship. click on this image to see the most sophisticated collection of inspiring quotes!


Life And Style on Etsy

28/01/15: There is something about people having 'feet in all camps' at the moment - hedging their best bets and cashing in when they feel like it. Mostly like I have no feelings or sensitivity and there for their benefit. This is 2015, baby. You're either in my life in full (friendship, relationship, whatever) or you're out. Half-measures of anything no longer cut it for me. #sortingmylifeout


15 famous quotes about friendship (15 HQ Photos)

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