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HARPER LEE To Kill a Mockingbird quote Harper Lee

HARPER LEE...over it but If that is all you see or hear you are missing a lot of the world.

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Be Not Afraid Of Greatness (William Shakespeare Quote), premium art print

The awkward moment when he wrote this mocking Malvolio and four hundred years later people take it seriously...

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I consider myself to be linguistic however there are some who can express what I think or feel better than me. Here are just a few.

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Best Quotes, Famous Quotes,I need to do this or stop smoking to deal with the #Drumpf Presidency. Stop smoking

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Seize the moment of happiness, love and be loved! That is the only reality in the world, all else is folly. - Leo Tolstoy #literary #quotes

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Top 25 Famous Film Quotes

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Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. - Ralph Waldo Emerson #literary #quotes

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