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Iyanla: Fix My Suburban Lie

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if 'family,' wants, 'family,' to act like, 'family,' then, 'family,' should probably think about acting more like, 'family,' themselves.-- true!!!

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Narcs’ disregard for others goes far beyond simply not caring very much about them to purposely wanting to hurt, exploit, manipulate, and that makes them capable of the most serious kinds of relational abuse.

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YUP!!! I have no time or tolerance anymore for hateful, defensive people who have emotional issues, are jealous beyond belief, & hate themselves....ESPECIALLY when they disrespect my family & then feel the need to explain themselves after they dish out the disrespect....ummm little insecure & have some personality issues do we?!?! :-)

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If You Think Something’s Not Right, Just Ask

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How INFJs and INFPs make decisions differently

Some people lol. Never deserved my TRUE kindness...u have issues bitch not my fault u thght me being good to you was bad....i aint ur niggaaaa:P

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Toxic people speak badly about others, are negative, lack compassion, take up way too much of your time, constantly have drama going on, lie to you, criticize you, talk more than they listen, play the victim, lose their temper, have to be right, treat others poorly, are self-obsessed, try to control you, have addiction issues. (Sue Fitzmaurice)

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