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Never fold laundry again. A "clean clothes" wall. If we have more then 6 kids this will be needed (when there old enogh to put there stuff away right) after done they get there clothes! I would consider doing this inside every closet!!! i dont have a wall for this.

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Organized family closet - seriously considering making our master BR closet into a family closet, which is by laundry and the baths everyone uses.

This Family of 5 Stores All Their Clothes in One Huge Closet

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Family closet with washer and dryer. Best and easiest way to simplify doing mounds of laundry all the time. No more running around the house putting everyone's clothes away.

This is perfect!! Just add an extra washer and dryer!! Laundry room/closet. Oh i would love big family closet an laundry room! Awesome!

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