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Often times, the media alters images and gives people false impressions of others. Remember that you are you and however you look, it is beautiful.


#Aquarius paradox: half of the mind seeks a traditional love relationship, yet the other half desires endless freedom and independence.


"Real suspense comes from moral dilemma, and the courage to make and act upon choices. False suspense comes from the accidental and meaningless occurrence of one damn thing after another." - John Gardner - Writers Write Creative Blog


Bitcoins Intrinsic Value There is no shared opinion about What bitcoins have intrinsic value or not. Some conservative minds believethat intrinsic value can not be possessed by attachable assets although this obviously does not take into account those attributes inseparable from today's reality as software or the Internet. Others assume that intrinsic value is the characteristic or products such as gold or silver Because what matters is how they are perceived and the theyhave the story. The…


Calvinism’s Greatest Fallacy

Calvinism’s Greatest Fallacy – SOTERIOLOGY 101 (the false dilemma fallacy)

horns_of_dilemma Figure 1. Rudwick creates a false dilemma with two horns of a short biblical timescale and Aristotelian eternalism, which quite nicely sets the table for his ‘golden mean’ of geohistory being an innovative compromise.