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45 Gold Nails You Wish to Try

White and gold nail art design. The white polish is designed to have a v-like shape near the cuticle of the nails where it houses small gold beads in shapes of triangles.


Man Hunt. Fritz Lang's anti-Nazi movie about an English gentleman big game hunter who gets Adolf Hitler in his crosshairs before being discovered. After being tortured to sign a false confession implicating the British government, he escapes and flees to England with the Gestapo hot on his trail.

It's time for London to leave the UK and stay in the EU

It’s hard to digest what happened this morning in the UK, especially when Boris Johnson and Michael Gove – the supposed triumphant victors of the whole charade – are standing in front of you looking like they’re speaking at a funeral. This is a “glorious opportunity for Britain”, Boris said in the tone of a political prisoner reading out a false confession. And in many ways he is a prisoner of his own politics.