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Mentats and Fixer medicine tins

If you're a fan of Fallout, you know exactly what Mentats and Fixer are. But, for those that either are not fans of the game, or just don't know too much about these items, lets have a crash course! If you don't much care for this 'history' lesson, or know it already, skip to step two for a bill of materials. Fallout is a four-game deep series, with two (debatable three) spin off games. Although the games are placed a couple decades ahead of our current times, due to how the Fallout-verse's…

The fact that this is on like four boards just goes to show that my favourite characters are all the same honestly

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Fallout 3 replica weapons

Fallout 3 AER-9 Laser Rifle


awesome PS4 gamers won&#039t get access to the interesting Fallout four mods — thanks alot, Sony

Nine: "God dammit Four! Just let Ten run the computers." Four: "Hey, I wasn't the one who put me in charge in the first place."