Been keeping busy so I don't have time to accidentally pre-order Fallout 4. Here's a painting I did today.

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Fallout-based shape set. 1. Vault-Boy(NOT the Pip Boy) 2. Enclave (As of FO3) 3. BoS Outcast (FO3) 4. Vault-Tec symbols 5. Brotherhood of Steel 6. New California Rangers (FO2) 7. BoS Paladin (FO3) ...

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I think these are better than those Vault Boy vinyl figurines. More on Power Armor fallout fallout figurines fallout bos brotherhood of steel bos power armor

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Fallout BoS Paladin Variants by Milosh--Andrich on DeviantArt

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Power Armor in Fallout: Tactics fallout fallout tactics power armor fallout bos brotherhood of steel twitter

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