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This is a game mockup I’m working on to prospect the idea of a post apocalyptic Oregon Trail. The game’s name is “What Remains”. (based on my favourite OST from Fallout 3) Something in the lines of Darkest Dungeon meets Fallout with a lot of text and...

Exclusive to the Bethesda Store, the Fallout 4: Deluxe Vinyl OST contains the full 65 track game score from renowned game composer Inon Zur. This collection includes over 3.5 hours of Fallout music on six LPs in three full color gatefold jackets, all housed in a full color heavy board-stock slipcover. This is truly a collection of unprecedented proportions. Artist: Inon Zur Format: Six LP Box Set, 140g vinyl Limited Edition of 3,000

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Bethesda E3 update: Skyrim for Xbox One - PS4, Prey 2, Evil Within 2, Wolfenstein 2 reveal

Bethesda E3 update: Skyrim for…

“ Witness me.”Been listening to Mad Max Fury Road OST, and this song reminded me of Nux [x] Valkyries welcoming my valiant Chrome baby~!

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Incredible Digital Art by Russian Concept Artist George Redreev

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