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Remus had been searching all night.where the hell had Sirius gone. As he rounded the corner in to an ally way he saw a mass huddled on the floor by a wall and his heart dropped

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I dont know whats funnier: the sign itself or the fact that the huge amount of time building the sign was not spent looking for their son. fallout fallout 4

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Adr1ft Official Clair de lune Trailer Publisher 505 Games boasts about the positive early previews for the adventure title. February 19 2016 at 04:54PM

My female inquisitor with everything

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Fallout 4 DLC: Automatron Wasteland Workshop And Far Harbor Release Window Confirmed! Fallout 4 players were extremely anxious for DLC content not to mention rather impatient about it seemingly moments after the game released. Selling 12 million copies in its first 24 hours Fallout 4 shattered sales records and ruined relationships worldwide as players were sucked in never to return at least until they ran out of content. Thankfully for Fallout 4 players over the…

True -- I'm actually dedicating my first night to just creating my character. That gamer life...

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