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*repins forever* << I reblogged this on tumblr last week and on Tuesday I got my first ever fall out boy t shirt, the fall out boy cat works!!!

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My favorite is "I got your love letters, corrected the grammar and sent them back" <<< Basically, every single FOB lyrics

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Fall out boy. Panic at the disco. My chemical romance. The holy trinity. Emo is my religion. Now I can tell people I'm religious haha

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Unreasonable amount of pilots

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I don't know wether to find this funny, be scared or want to set it on fire.... I'm uncomfortable XD

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What OMG I didn't know I thought he couldn't get any sweeter omg nooooope❤️✨

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Novocaine - Fall Out Boy × × × ×

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Fall Out Boy Fob Tumblr // I don't think you can compare them. One is a talented singer, one is a talented guitarist, one is a talented drummer and one is a talented bassist. Who is more talented in WHAT, is the question :)

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