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FALL BACK, because when I was on some US shit, you was on some YOU, selfish, shit! Now that I'm on some ME shit, you wanna be on some WE shit...Please, no one over here has time for that BULLSHIT!


Life isnt always about one and done. Sometimes we make mistakes and really screw up, but in the end God shows us the way...and he showed me that there is no shame in trying again. You never know, it could be better!

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for the victim of the #narcissist - you are NOT ac second f*cking choice. no one should ever live in one man's house, have a one-night stand with you, move forward to date a third, all to fall back on option two.

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I started my day yesterday with OT. It was time for a reevaluation and the news wasn't what I hoped to hear. My range of motion for straightening my arm isn't improving.  My bending range is...