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Fade In Fade Out


The best clematis for your garden: in pictures

'The Vagabond’ Best for Long flowering The gorgeous cobalt blue of these very large flowers really stood out in the trial, and they still looked lovely even when they faded to a more washed-out pinky blue. The sheer flower power was also outstanding; at their peak the plants were almost completely cloaked in vibrant blooms. Bushy plants which didn’t attempt a getaway and silky, spidery seed heads also added to their charm. This was a fabulous plant from all angles. H x S 120cm x 70cm


Etchings of Suffolk "Trees" -Chrissy Norman I really love the colours used in this print, the orange-yellow gradually getting brighter towards the middle, suggesting the sun just coming up of setting. You can almost feel the heat of the sun, it gives the print an overall feel of optimism. The light in the middle is nicely balanced out with the darkness of the trees. If you look at the ground it starts off quite dark at the bottom, then gets lighter as it fades up, giving the print a 3D…

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