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Word of the day: Testaceous: Having a shell. #Wordoftheday #Turtle Puzzler World - on a mission to banish boredom:


Interesting Facts about Leatherback Sea Turtle in our new ‪#‎infographic‬

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Here Are The 25 Cutest Things That's Ever Happened. I Can't Get Over #10.

The fact the person is holding it means it's going to die. Turtles hatch at night so they can follow the moon. Gulls, other birds, fish, raccoons, and crabs all eat baby turtles as they try to reach the ocean. This turtle might not make it and has been left by its siblings. Only about twelve turtles survive if it's the first group the mother has laid, out of around one hundred eggs, if they're lucky.<<<< well that's depressing

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7 Myths We Need to Stop Believing About Medicating Mental Illness

quote by Carolina Ledezma Carrasco: Therapy helps, meds help. I need both to recover.

Turtles have been swimming the world's oceans for more than 200 million years. This is their story. (Infographic)


Animals Can Be Geeks Too, This Will Brighten Your Day

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How to explore the Great Barrier Reef

Australia - Great Barrier Reef When to go The best time to visit it is from June to November, when the weather is mild and visibility is generally good. Avoid visiting from December to March when northern Queensland has a distinct wet season, bringing oppressive heat and abundant rainfall.


6 Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Sea Turtles

Photo by Jody Watt/Design Pics/Corbis. Design by Erik Mace for Yahoo Travel. This month, all over the southern U.S., Central America, and the Caribbean, thousands of tiny little sea turtle hatchlings are emerging from their eggs, digging their way to the surface of the sand, and scurrying down beaches