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Facts About Peacocks

A quirky fact about peacocks to share with your class - from Treetop Displays. Visit our website for printable classroom resources by clicking on the provided links.

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Paired Passages: Linking Fact to Fiction Grade 2

Paired Passages for Common Core


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Peacock Facts: Some Interesting Facts about Peacocks You Never Want To Miss ~ Animal fun-facts

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Talk to the animals: The art and humour of the collective noun

An aurora of polar bears, an ostentation of peacocks, an embarrassment of pandas... Collective nouns, the terms used to described a group, can be an imaginative bunch. We're used to herds or flocks or even gaggles, but some of the lesser-known collective nouns for animals seem fabulously unlikely (a fact that's even acknowledged within the phrase "an implausibility of gnus").

It is believed, in many parts of India, that a #peacock "dancing" with its beautiful #feathers spread open is symbolic of approaching rains! Comment and share with us some interesting facts about #peacocks that you may know! - #Gold #Necklace #Peacock #Collections

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The Proud Peackcock: Eight Fun Facts on the Indian Peacock

India-Blue Peacock [ Pavo cristatus ]