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World Heart Day: 5 Fascinating Facts You Need To Know About Love

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11 Facts About Love

It's cruel, it's blind, it's patient and kind. It's a losing game, it's an open door, it's a battlefield, it's its own reward. But there are some truths about love that have escaped the attention of songwriters and literary masters. So this Valentine's Day, we present some lesser-known facts to help you celebrate.

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Or you start to think that perhaps there's someone out there who doesn't think you're a totally worthless waste of space

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Psychology Facts about love,people,relationship.things,people,person,long distance relationships,trust,feelings and many more famous facts and quotes.

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What about sex ON chocolate??? ;)

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"the internet has taught me more about feminism, gender, sexuality and mental illness than school and it shouldn't be like that"

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Makes sense... I usually tell one of my close friends right away when I have a little thing or someone, but this one crept up on me and I kept it a secret for months...

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Fun Psychology facts here! This must be why a long, warm bath or shower is one of my favorite things in the world...! Something about it soothes my soul...

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