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Jellyfish Are Officially The Most Fascinating Creatures On Earth [35 Facts And Photos]


#2166 - There is a lake in the country of Palau where jellyfish evolved without stingers after the lake's connection to the sea closed, leaving them isolated from their natural predators. These 'Golden' jellyfish are totally harmless to humans and you can swim with them


I didn't believe this, so I googled it ... it's true... well, kind of. Technically, scientists don't know for sure about lobsters and it's actually only one species of jellyfish that can regenerate its cells indefinitely.

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Ten Amazing Facts About Ocean Animals

Ten Amazing Facts About Ocean Animals. So where does this fit in with evolution? Interesting.


Jellyfish. Such ethereal beauty ... ... you can hardly believe that most of them are killers. Apparently most of the jellyfish without any colour aren't dangerous .. but there are exceptions to that - so perhaps best leave ALL jellyfish alone as you really don't want to take chances.


This crazy photo from the Yomiuri Shimbun shows a diver swimming amongst a swarm of giant jellyfish. These giant sea blobs, known as Echizen kurage (Nomura's jellyfish), inflict heavy damage on Japanese fisheries in the Sea of Japan each year.

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Amazing Marine Animal Facts

Marine Life Facts Infographic Order an oil painting of your pet today at


This “All About Book” will be a fun addition to your classroom and lesson on jellyfish. Other animals you will see in the ocean animal series include the sea horse, sea turtle, sea star (starfish), crab, dolphin, shark, whale, octopus & sting ray. Teacher's Notebook