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Symptomatic of a culture that views a man raping a woman as him having obtained sex from her. A society in which we're constantly fretting about the plight of the poor, misunderstood rapist and 'falsely accused' rapist than actual rape victim.

10 Fun Cat Facts That You’ll Want to Tell Everyone #infographic

10 Fun Cat Facts That You’ll Want to Tell Everyone #infographic

Cats are fun creatures to have around. Many of us have adopted one or more cats in the past. Did you know that cats can’t have sweets or don’t easily digest milk? This infographic from Boggling Facts covers some interesting cat facts you shouldn’t miss:


There are currently 33.4 million people living with HIV/AIDS in the world, and more than 25 million people had died of AIDS worldwide since the early 1980s.

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Community Post: 15 Myths About HIV And The Facts To Debunk Them

What is a unicorn? - There’s just something magical about unicorns! Maybe it’s the artwork and movies in which they’re shown as majestic and mysterious, or maybe it’s the stories of both their wil...


<p>An introduction to key issues about HIV treatment and living with HIV, presented as a series of illustrated leaflets.</p>